Navigation Infrastructure

We have been working with both the General Lighthouse Authority in the UK and CETMEF, the French Lighthouse Authority, for over 10 years, supplying them with a range of electronic ‘Aids to Navigation’ (AtoNs). More recently we have been awarded a number of new contracts to supply our most advanced AToNs system products ever.

Our experience has allowed us to develop AIS solutions that satisfy the specific requirements for Aids to Navigation. We offer a range of maritime domain systems to mark and monitor offshore structures, including instrumented buoys, wind and wave energy farms, oil and gas platforms, offshore docks, pipelines etc. to improve navigational safety and prevent collisions.

We have the best solutions on the market today, our technical expertise and experience of working with the major customers and governmental body’s  to provide aids to navigation (AToNs) solutions mean that we are second to none when it comes to low power consumption, environmental sealing, robustness, ease of installation, reliability and flexibility of the associated applications.

In 2001, and again in 2011, the General Lighthouse Authority, responsible for delivering a safe and cost-effective network of Aids to Navigation for the benefit and safety of all mariners in UK and Irish waters, and the French Lighthouse Authority (CETMEF), both leaders in AIS Aids to Navigation, chose our solutions.

An IALA compliant beacon designed to be installed on navigational hazards, offshore wind farms, oil and gas platforms etc as well as fixed or floating aids to navigation such as buoys and markers; it alerts any AIS equipped vessels that are within range, while also providing additional data such as position, current status, real time warnings and reducing the risk of collision even in poor visibility.

Racon devices are used at sea to mark navigational hazards as RADAR targets for presentation on a ship navigational radar display. The word Racon comes from combining RAdar and beaCON. The McMurdo Marine Systems HEKLEO-SX Racon is a frequency agile all-weather radar transponder that works on both "X" band (3cm wavelength), and "S" Band (10cm wavelength) frequencies.


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The McMurdo Marine Systems Vessel Service Centre offers maritime support services 24 hours a day including weekends. Whatever the time, whatever the tide, because the fishing business can’t wait, support is on hand 24/7.
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