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New Zealander Patrick Cahill describes how he was recently rescued following an accident on a hunting trip.

“My Queens birthday hunting expedition took a serious turn when catching my foot on a rock resulted in a tumble which dislocated my knee.  While not in immediate danger this injury left me unable to walk, especially taking into account the rough terrain and the distance from our car.  After assessing our situation my hunting mate and I decided the only course of action was to activate my McMurdo FastFind 211 PLB. 

Within two hours we were heard the unmistakable drone of the Nelson Rescue Helicopter making its way up the valley. 

Rescue Location
Rescue Product UsedFastfind 211 PLB

Due to the open nature of the creek we were in the helicopter was able to hover beside us while I was helped aboard.  The speed and efficiency of my McMurdo FastFind 211, Nelson Rescue helicopter and Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) is to be commended.  As my PLB had been registered under my name RCCNZ was able to inform my contact person within minutes of the activation and kept them up to date with the progress of the rescue.  I cannot recommend highly enough the value of a PLB for all hunters and other outdoors users."




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