Tracking and Monitoring

The Oceania Marine Tracking Buoy is a highly versatile monitoring system designed for use in applications such as oceanography data monitoring, tidal drift monitoring, as a marker buoy or a vessel marker in search and rescue situations and for tracking icebergs, oil spills, or other navigational hazards. The Oceania Buoy is fitted with a range of sensors and is ideal for use by marine organisations who wish to remotely track mobile objects in real time, anywhere on Earth.

The Oceania Buoy collects and transmits data to a dedicated server either on board a vessel or in an office situated anywhere on the planet. The McMurdo Marine Solutions Tracking Buoy Management and Monitoring Software can track up to 2,000 buoys at a time and allows control and monitoring from a number of different locations simultaneously. The sensor suite includes an Iridium transceiver, GPS receiver, surface temperature and out of water sensors as well as a high intensity light beacon that can be remotely activated at any time for easy visual location. The flexible architecture of the Oceania Buoy enables up to five additional sensors to be added and monitored to suit your exact requirements.

The rugged Oceania Buoy is designed to operate in the harshest marine environment, at temperatures between -20 and +50ºC. Solar cells maintain the battery charge, enabling up to 2 years continuous operation before the battery needs replacing.

  • Highly versatile, flexible monitoring platform
  • Rugged, reliable design
  • Monitor and track a wide range of mobile objects
  • True worldwide real-time monitoring and control via the Iridium satellite communication system
  • Configurable transmission parameters
  • Solar rechargeable battery
  • Optional alkaline battery upgrade for applications such as oil spill monitoring
  • Option for up to 5 additional sensors for bespoke applications
  • Worldwide approval
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